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Majora's Ghost - Chapter 9
Chapter Nine: A New Game
Yoru crept his way out from under the bed once he had finished his breakfast. He walked over and looked out the window. He was really starting to wonder if Vean was ever going to come back for him. Where could he have gone after the boy had fallen asleep last night? Had the evil sorceress lady gotten him? Maybe Kuro really was evil and had captured him.
Adventuring across the ocean wasn’t anything like he had imagined. It was all just more escaping from one place to the next. He felt he’d been running ever since he was banished from his home in the desert. He’d run from home to the palace and now from the palace to Termina. Maybe there just wasn’t a safe place for a banished prince to rest.
Yoru straightened his cap and went to grab Link’s sword from its place against a nearby chair. He was tired of waiting for explanations. He could sense the weirdness creeping around this town and he was going to get to the bottom of it. T
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Seafaring Bard by VeanOracleofLight Seafaring Bard :iconveanoracleoflight:VeanOracleofLight 3 5 A Shadow Left in a Mirror by VeanOracleofLight A Shadow Left in a Mirror :iconveanoracleoflight:VeanOracleofLight 2 4 Kuro Oracle of Shadows by VeanOracleofLight Kuro Oracle of Shadows :iconveanoracleoflight:VeanOracleofLight 2 3
Majora's Ghost - Chapter 8
Chapter Eight: Dawn of the Second Day
Vean turned over in his straw bed, feeling too tired and sore to get up. Link could do enough damage when he wasn’t under the control of some laughing sorcerer and Vean hadn’t exactly fought back.
A rooster caw sounded and Vean sat up in annoyance. He rubbed his eyes, trying to clear his head. The room he was in was cramped and cluttered, rough drawings of grassy fields and oceans covering most of the wood paneling. It was his new friend Kafei’s room.
He started to feel a little claustrophobic in the small room so he made his way over to the door and opened it just a crack so that he could see into the main room of the house. He spotted Kafei’s grandmother walking around, probably making breakfast. She was right between him and the front door. Great, he thought tiredly. He was thankful that Cremia had given him a place to stay for the night, but he didn’t want to stay any longer than necessary. Especially
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Majora's Ghost - Chapter 7
Chapter Seven: Dozing Off
Vean’s usually sketchy memory was now filled with recollections of his parents. Things that he only remembered vaguely before came to him with crystal clarity and things he had forgotten long before coming down with amnesia returned to him as well. The man before him was more than a memory though. This man was a living breathing image of his dad. His hair was long, brown, and flopped over his forehead. His eyes were dark green and very expressive under his thick eyebrows.
“Your dad?” the man said as he looked over Vean’s head back in the direction they had come. “Was he in the canyon back there?”
Vean blinked, at a loss for words. Yes, his dad had been in that canyon. His dad was standing before him right now, but the man didn’t know it. This man, Rohe, didn’t know who Vean was at all. How was that at all possible?
“Kid, was your father in that canyon with you?” he asked again, putting his hand
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Majora's Ghost - Chapter 6
Chapter Six: A Game of Tag
Vean thought back to the times when he had nearly killed Link as Malum and almost felt that this was some sort of payback. Link charged forward and swung his blade at his brother with a broad swing. Vean dove aside, but he then had to roll sideways as Link brought his blade straight down on him.
“Link, what are you doing?” Vean asked as he got to his feet and backed away. “It’s me, your brother Vean.”
There wasn’t any change in Link’s blank expression. The Fierce Deity before him hardly looked like his brother. The masked sorcerer’s annoying high pitched laugh rang through the silence. “Once the Fierce Deity finishes you off, I’ll only have one hero to worry about,” the man chuckled. “I’m glad that Kurai told me about you. Destroying you both separately wouldn’t have been as much fun.”
Link swung his sword again, but this time a slice of light shot out of it and h
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Majora's Ghost - Chapter 5
Chapter Five: Night of the First Day
Link found the black sky less bizarre now that dusk was approaching, but he did sorely miss the stars. He had run after Vean when his brother had bolted, but there wasn’t any sign of him outside the bar. Neither was there any sign of Vean’s new companion; Yoru.
“Don’t worry so much, hero,” Tetra said, lightly punching him in the shoulder. “Knowing your brother, he’ll be back when he needs help. He’s just off somewhere sulking.”
Tetra was now leading Link across the square from the Milk Bar to the Stock Pot Inn. “Why are we coming here?” Link asked. “Didn’t you say that Kuro could get us home?”
“It’s getting late and he closes the apothecary shop early to avoid all the lunatics that come out at night,” she explained as she opened the door and they both walked inside.
“Welcome back, Miss Tetra,” said the clerk at the front desk. He
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Majora's Ghost - Chapter 4
Chapter Four: Shadowing
Upon entering the Milk Bar Vean had had to follow Tetra down a wooden staircase that ended in front of an empty stage. A man stood between them and the bar on their right, looking somewhat angry with their presence. “Sorry kids, but you’re not old enough to come in here,” he explained. “Come back when you’re older or when you have yourself a membership.”
At this, Tetra pulled out a cloth mask that looked like the head of a cow. “Kuro recommended this place to us,” she boasted. “He said that we could put it on his tab too.”
“Oh! Kuro sent you?” the man asked smiling suddenly. “Well that’s different. Please come and sit down.”
Tetra and Link went to sit at the bar and Vean helped Yoru up onto the high barstool before he sat down himself. The bartender brought them each a glass of water and then began taking everyone’s orders. Vean ignored the man when he was aske
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Majora's Ghost - Chapter 3
Chapter Three: The Missing Link
Yoru’s stomach grumbled as he was dragged into another part of town by Vean. Far too much had happened in the last forty-eight hours and he was beginning to think that the freedom he’d always dreamed about wasn’t worth all this trouble. Even without his mean older sister around, he’d been caught in the snow, nearly been drowned, and narrowly missed being killed in a sandstorm. How was a guy supposed to get a decent meal with all this nonsense around every corner?
Vean’s friend Tetra lead them to a part of town that wasn’t walled off by stone, but by cliff sides that were covered in snaky green vines. The ground was all grass and dirt rather than stone tiles and there were even a couple of funny trees that were fat in the middle, but thin near the top like skinny pears.
“Augh!” Tetra griped. “I’ve looked here at least a dozen times. Where could he be hiding?”
“He looks just lik
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Majora's Ghost - Chapter 2
Chapter Two: Flipside
“Let the kid go, Captain,” Vean said, gesturing to the boy that was still being held by the collar of his tunic. Tetra let go of Yoru and sheathed her small dagger at her waist. The small boy scampered away and hid behind Vean as if he were afraid that Tetra would grab him again.
“Don’t worry, Yoru,” he assured the boy. “She’s not going to hurt you.”
“Who is she?” the boy practically squeaked.
In truth, Vean hardly knew Captain Tetra at all. When he first met her, he thought that perhaps she was Link’s sidekick, but after a while he began to believe it was the other way around. Vean could vaguely remember running across other pirates, but he had a feeling that Tetra was one of the more pleasant ones.
“She’s a friend,” Vean replied at last. “Isn’t that right, Miss Tetra?”
“So what happened to your other sidekick, Vean?” Tetra asked as she swagger
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Majora's Ghost - Chapter 1
Chapter One: Dawn of the First Day
Vean was woken up by the feeling of the sun on his face. The feeling startled him and he opened his eyes to see that the morning was already halfway over. He sat up abruptly, causing his little sailboat to sway back and forth on the water. The other small boy aboard, who had been sitting hazardously balanced on the edge of the boat, cried out with the effort of not falling into the ocean.
“Yoru?” Vean remembered as he brushed his floppy blond hair from his face. “What are you doing? You were supposed to wake me up long before morning.”
Yoru climbed to a more stable position in the boat and put his hand back on the tiller just as Vean had shown him to do last night. “I did try to wake you up,” the boy explained. “But you didn’t hear me.”
Vean highly doubted that notion. He was usually a very light sleeper, but then again, yesterday had been a very trying day. An evil demigoddess, her undergro
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Majora's Ghost - Prologue
The sun was blazing clear and bright over the pirate ship as Captain Tetra walked across the deck. The young girl reached the stern and looked over the sea as it glittered brightly in every direction. On the port side of the ship, they were passing an island that looked very dark against the bright blue sea. They were only a few miles from its beaches now, but Tetra wouldn’t give permission for them to go ashore. She had been disconcerted by how it had appeared out of thin air, long after Zuko should have spied it from the crow’s nest.
Now as they were leaving it behind them, Tetra pulled out her spyglass and watched after it. The island seemed to have been covered in a large forest at one time, but now there was nothing but dead black husks of trees remaining. The sand of the beaches was a deep gray color and large jagged black rocks stuck up like fingers reaching out to drag the island under the sea.
There was no reason to stop and survey the place for tre
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Malum by VeanOracleofLight Malum :iconveanoracleoflight:VeanOracleofLight 3 16 Young Fisherman by VeanOracleofLight Young Fisherman :iconveanoracleoflight:VeanOracleofLight 0 5 I've Created a Monster by VeanOracleofLight I've Created a Monster :iconveanoracleoflight:VeanOracleofLight 17 9

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I'm Deviant SuperheroGeek13 and this DA account is for my Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Light fanfiction.

You can read the first story here at this… , but the rest of the stories will be posted here on VeanOracleofLight.


Chapter Nine: A New Game

Yoru crept his way out from under the bed once he had finished his breakfast. He walked over and looked out the window. He was really starting to wonder if Vean was ever going to come back for him. Where could he have gone after the boy had fallen asleep last night? Had the evil sorceress lady gotten him? Maybe Kuro really was evil and had captured him.
Adventuring across the ocean wasn’t anything like he had imagined. It was all just more escaping from one place to the next. He felt he’d been running ever since he was banished from his home in the desert. He’d run from home to the palace and now from the palace to Termina. Maybe there just wasn’t a safe place for a banished prince to rest.
Yoru straightened his cap and went to grab Link’s sword from its place against a nearby chair. He was tired of waiting for explanations. He could sense the weirdness creeping around this town and he was going to get to the bottom of it. Then they could all know who to trust and leave.
The sword was far heavier than any weapon he’d ever used before, but he was able to strap it to his belt easily enough. He was immortal after all, so he wasn’t worried about being killed so much as being able to try and kill any witch or wizard right back.
Yoru made his way out of the inn and found that the streets of Clock Town were busy with all sorts of people once again. None of them were wearing masks anymore so Yoru couldn’t sense anything strange about them. He made his way over to Kuro’s shop which was still marked with a sign to show it was closed. He opened the door just a crack and peeked inside. He had just enough time to see Kuro stepping into his back room and closing the door behind him. There really wasn’t any reason to distrust the oracle guy, right? He hadn’t done anything wrong after all.
Yoru closed the door and turned to walk away when a chill ran down his spine. He knew that feeling all too well as he often felt it in the deepest halls of the palace; the feeling of a spirit passing beside you. He suddenly wished that Vean, the pirate girl, or even weird old Link were there to help him. He was just a little kid! What was he thinking?! Vean would have told him to run away, that would be the safest thing to do.

Kuro had hardly closed the door behind him when he heard a strange jingling sound the next room over. He narrowed his eyes at the door to his right as he put a hand to his knife. The door had been unlocked when he woke up so it wasn’t impossible to believe that someone might have snuck past him into the bedroom. He opened the door cautiously, but quickly in hopes of getting the drop on any intruders. He froze in place as soon as he felt the cold touch of steel against his throat.
“We need to talk,” a familiar voice insisted.
Kuro’s mind began to race at the sound of Kurai’s voice beside him, a voice that he hadn’t heard in months. It was because of his Master’s death that he...he...
The young man stepped back, Kurai making no attempt to keep her sword at his neck as he did so, and his form was enveloped in darkness. When darkness melted away again Kuro’s face was covered in mask with glowing yellow eyes.
“Traitor!” the masked man growled. “You tried to kill me and you stole the Oracle of Light from me!”
“I played along with your games only as long as it suited me, Majora,” the sorceress explained as she held her sword before her defensively. “I had always planned to betray you and return to my realm, but now I think we can both leave with what we want.”
The demon tilted its head at the woman, but didn’t respond otherwise.
“You possessed the Oracle of Shadows because he stepped in the way of your plans,” she continued. “And now you fear the Oracle of Light as he is capable of destroying you. I suggest a trade.”
The man jolted forward and grabbed hold of the glowing blade of Kurai’s sword with his bare hands. The sorceress reached the blade from his grasp and swung at him in response. Majora leaped aside easily and landed on a nearby desk in a crouched position.
“You will never find Vean without me! I took him beyond the dome and hid him!” Kurai insisted. “It’s Kuro for him! Release the boy; I will even kill him for you in order to steal his magic. Then Vean will be your new host and the Fierce Deity yours to wreak havoc with as you see fit.”
Kurai stepped forward and gestured up to the ceiling and the sky above. “With Vean as your host, you would have the power to escape the dome at last,” she whispered. “You would be free to reign with your masks across all of Termina.”
“I want to see the puppet!” Majora replied after a moment of thought. “When he is before me I will release Kuro. Then we will play a new game; see if you can both outrun me before I kill you.” The man giggled at the thought before adding, “I’ll even give you a head start.”
Kurai lowered her sword and gave him a smug smile. “I shall return tomorrow night with the Oracle in tow,” she promised. “Let the game begin.”
There was a loud thud just outside the door and both of them turned to look in the direction of the sound. Majora melted away into the shadows and Kurai yanked the door open. She recognized the small little boy fumbling for his sword immediately as Vean’s traveling companion. The boy swung at her with his little blade and she easily parried the blow with a flick of her wrist.
The youngster had obviously never used a sword before in his life and he was clearly too small to even hurt her with a lucky blow.
“Where is Vean?!” the child demanded.
Kurai swung her blade and the boy fell to the ground without as much as a dodge or parry. She didn’t have time for Vean’s annoying companions this encounter. She stepped over the boy and made her way across the room.Perhaps she could do away with Link while she was still in town. That would lessen the odds against her when it came time to face Majora. No, her priority had to be recovering the Oracle of Light. There was no deal without him after all.
“Demon sword…” a voice grumbled from behind her as she walked. She turned in surprise to see that the child was sitting up, seemingly uninjured, and was pointing his sword at her again. Though he wasn’t looking at her, his gaze was fixed on the black blade in her hand.
“How dare you?!” the boy shouted. “I am Yoru, son of Senza of the Gerudo Tribe and Lord Utum of the Underworld!”
Kurai didn’t understand a word of the gibberish, but the blade in her hand began to quiver. What madness was this?
“I command you! I banish you! Be gone! And never return!” Yoru finished with a quick swing of his sword for good measure.
Kurai felt the hilt of her sword buzz as it began to flash with diamonds of orange, black, and white. She tightened her grip and commanded the blade to cease this lunacy. The Dark Master Sword obeyed her commands and no one else’s, especially if it ever hoped to taste the blood of the chosen hero!
The small boy darted past the witch while she was distracted and made his way out of the storeroom and back out into the shop. Demon spawn!

I can’t believe that worked! Yoru thought as he sped across the shop for the door. The minute that blade had touched him he knew what it was. It was forged by an evil deity not unlike his father, but perhaps far worse. He didn’t think his command would hold it for long or ever again for that matter. As he reached the front of the shop the door slammed shut in front of him and locked with a loud click.
The masked man appeared directly behind Yoru and chuckled at him. Everything was now trying to kill him! He should have run away like Vean would have done!
“You are very good at these games, little brother,” the demon mused. “Want to play with me?”
“Play with you?” Yoru echoed uncertainly as he turned to the mask.
Majora clapped Kuro’s bloodied hands excitedly. “Yes!” he nodded. “We can destroy everything in Clock Town, breaking one heart after another, and then we can go out and find your friend the oracle too!”
Yoru had no reason to hurt any of the people in the town, especially not the nice man who had brought him breakfast, but he had no reason to protect them either. He raised his heavy sword to the mask, not knowing if he could even threaten a ghost or not.
“You can have Clock Town, but Vean is my friend,” he said stubbornly. “You can’t have him!”
“Well, apparently neither of us can,” Majora shrugged. “Big bad Kurai stole him from us both. Let’s steal her sword as punishment!”
The both of them turned when Kurai roared at them from the far right doorway. She staggered out of the storeroom with her sword still in hand, though she looked as if she could hardly lift it at the moment.She must have used a lot of magic to counter his command. Yoru was a little frightened at how well that had worked.
“We made a deal, Majora!” she muttered. “By sunset tomorrow the oracle will be yours.”
The young man put his hand to where his chin would have been under the mask to ponder his options. He then nodded to Kurai while putting one hand on Yoru’s shoulder, causing the boy to flinch.
“Very well! We shall have our game then, but Yoru is now on my team,” he concluded. “So you lay one hand on him before then and its game over!”
Kurai threw a glare at Yoru that made the hairs on his arms stand on end, but she eventually nodded. With one quick swipe of her sword she was gone in a flourish of sparkling diamonds.
Yoru yanked himself away from Majora’s grasp and tightened his grip on his still raised sword. He wasn’t on any demon’s side, no matter what terrible things they might do to him.
“So, so ready to fight!” Majora laughed. “Fine, we don’t have to play until the game tomorrow night.”
With that, the masked man walked calmly behind the front counter of the shop. He then crossed his arms over the counter and laid his head down as if he was going to go to sleep. Darkness enveloped the hunched figure, when it dispersed there was just Kuro fast asleep, and Yoru felt the chill run down his spine again.
He sheathed his sword at his side, relieved that he didn’t have to fight anyone else at least for the moment. But what was he supposed to do now? Vean was Kurai’s prisoner, Kuro was Majora’s, and they were both going to be killed or possessed by tomorrow. There was nothing he could do to stop any of that.
Why was he always so useless? Nothing he could do would help anyone. He almost wished that his sister were around to teleport him to the bottom of the ocean.
Yoru slumped against the door and slipped down into a sitting position where he then buried his face in his knees. He didn’t feel like crying, so he simply sat quietly until Kuro woke with a start and startled him.
Kuro locked eyes on the boy and came around the counter immediately  to run to his side. “Are you alright?” he asked worriedly.
Yoru shook his head, although he didn’t raise it from his knees to do so. “Vean is gone,” he managed to say.
Kuro must not have remembered anything about what had just happened. He was just like the rest of those people last night that wandered around wearing masks.
“I guessed as much, Tetra and Link are out looking for him right now,” Kuro shrugged. “I’m sure he’s okay. Clock Town is a pretty safe place, at least during the day.”
“No, it isn’t,” Yoru sighed.
Majora's Ghost - Chapter 9
This is a spin-off of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker about my OC Vean.

(Wow, it's been years! I had to like reread everything all over again. :XD: Thanks for still being here!)

Yoru tries to go out and play hero and ends up being recruited by the bad guys! Way to go, kid! I can't tell if this means you have better or worse luck than Vean.

Zelda Universe and Characters (C) Nintendo
Vean, Kuro, Kurai, and Yoru (C) *SuperheroGeek13

Next Chapter: (Not here yet)
Previous Chapter: veanoracleoflight.deviantart.c…
All my fanfics can be found in chronological order at this veanoracleoflight.deviantart.c… .
Seafaring Bard
This girl won't be showing up in any of my stories anytime soon, but I felt like posting a picture of her for some inexplicable reason. :D

Old Paper Texture by olebern

Character (C) SuperheroGeek13


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